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The adventures of Sophie in striptease

It is the story of a passionate search for beauty in everything, especially through Pole Dance and its various ways of expression.

Sophie Atlan, SoExotic, The world of striptease, PoleFit Blog

After five years of reflecting on the unforgettable experience of striptease, I am opening my box of memories once again to share it with you.

 At the time, I had started to write a few articles, but for some reason, I didn't spend much time writing about this experience.

However, it's never too late to reveal and rediscover memories and share an experience that may provide keys to understanding a world as mysterious and criticized as that of striptease.

But before we delve into that, let's trace the genesis of this testimony, with my first article dating back to 2019.

Sophie Atlan, SoExotic, Sensi Club Geneve, PoleFit Blog

I have so many things to tell you...

This first post, the first chapter of a long series, is the trigger which allows me to offer you a reading framework... So that once established, my memories reach you free of a chronological constraint or even an established theme.

The main thing about this adventure is all the vitality with which I felt my soul vibrate and change throughout the days. The stories, the clients, the clubs, the striptease, the dancing, everything is just a film of appearances and role plays that allowed me to dive into the heart of the volcano; where each episode makes us a different being. I will tell you these stories, often funny and sometimes less so, I will describe these customers with a thousand faces, these men, these women, these couples, the fauna and flora of these secret places... I will take you into the intimacy of the strip tease when cats are gray and men's hearts are tinged with a desire that is only consumed at night...

The idea above all, the real quest, is that of the hidden face of this universe, in its beauty and its ugliness, in what makes us dream and disgust, in what should be revealed to the eyes of all and in what slips away to exist... Everything is to be taken, every meaning is to be heard, and every detail is a piece of the puzzle of our humanity.

Sophie Atlan, SoExotic, Stripper Illustration, PoleFit Blog

Every single moment was one of a kind and never happened again. Every night was the theater of new surprises and unique things to experience. Each day counted in the preparation for the night to come; my body clock made me sleep for barely six hours, but as soon as I woke up, my mind started processing the information from the day before. My body was craving nourishment, but I was ready to take on the day enthusiastically and excitedly, ready to embrace whatever came my way!

I felt a lot of physical pain, and fatigue of course and sometimes this worried me; I knew that I was pushing my body to the extreme, I knew that it was supporting me in my quest, but above all, I knew that all this was not going to last. So, I did my best and I will tell you how I did everything to keep my figure despite the alcohol... It must be said that it formed a very unsightly cellulite on my body which settled exactly where no fat mass had ever had the opportunity to lodge... There was this daily food for my soul and my body and then this alcoholic poison which never ceased to play with my balance through feelings of well-being and heaviness.

I didn't feel homesick, there was little room for nostalgia; each day was a journey to follow, and each evening was an adventure for which one had to be prepared and in the presence of each moment. For the first time in my life, my mind no longer dealt with everyday problems, but raised existential questions that developed before my eyes, like reading a book. I had become a full-time seeker of universal truths, and my brain was fed on complex questions; I was so fascinated by so much information and awareness that I forgot what boredom was and the meaning of the days of the week.

You will have understood, that the idea is to deliver, as I write, all the depth of this experience and all the little details that made it unique. I wish to write to you with the same impulse of freedom that daily led me to go further in this experience. All these sentences, ran through my mind, when I walked, observed, listened or stood there in silence. All these words flowed by and were deeply asking to take on a new meaning when shared.

Now that the window has opened, the revelations and teachings can begin…

Sophie Atlan (SoExotic)

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