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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the most common interrogations related to Pole Dance & Fitness practice.

Find the frequently asked questions concerning pole equipment, pole & dance training as well as useful tips to make your life easier!

  • Which Pole Dance pole lenght do I need?
    To make sure you will get the right lenght for your pole, use a meter to measure from the floor to the ceiling in the place where the pole will be installed. Check at the review with height chart for the pole to calculate what extension you will need to reach your needed height. Learn more about how to measure watching at the XPole video tutorial that explain how to measure your floor to ceiling height:
  • Who can practice Pole Dancing?
    Everyone can practice Pole Dancing, Stretching, Exotic Dance or Strengthening Workout! Women will develop themselves in a unique way to (re)discover their femininity, their sensuality, as well as their strength and determination. Men can practice Pole Sport and Pole Dance disciplines in a manly way, developing their flexibility and strength, as well as improving their relationship to their body. It's necessary to notice that we quite often more men joining and practising Exotic Pole Dancing or Exotic Dance courses and classes with pole dancing heels. Children also will have lots of fun developing their motor skills and creativity. There is no age or particular physical condition to start practising Pole Dance :) It only requires a start!
  • What physical condition to practice Pole Dancing?
    You have already heard many times, practice makes perfect! The practice of Pole Dance cannot be learned in a room gym or on a football pitch! As you guessed, it is primarily a question of technique. Whether you have a spotive lifestyle or not, everyone has a singular perception of Pole Dance and you will discover quickly the important point is to train regularly and diligently. Your strenght, your flexibility and your connection to yourself will improve over your practice... Your doubts will rapidily move on to more exciting concerns!
  • What active wear to choose according to my sport discipline?
    Everything will depend on the course in which you participate, the important thing is that you feel comfortable in and wearing adapted materials for movements and perspiration. See below elements of answers; Pole Sport: More the skin is discovered, better as it grabs the pole! For women, we will choose a sport bra, a short (close-fitting). For men, sport boxers (close-fitting) would be enough. Exotic Pole Dance / Exotic Dance: Fit yourself out with the appropriate material! You can choose between a top or a sport bra, a legging or a short, gaiters are always good to maintain warm muscles, kneed pads are essential and a pair of Exotic dancing heels! Stretching: Muscles must stay warm! Everything will depend on the physiology of each in term of body temperature, however, muscles should be warm and keep the high temperature during the session. You will opt for comfortable leggings, socks and top. You can also bring a back warmer and gaiters to cover naked parts after a Pole Dance class for example. Strengthening / Fitness: The comfort first! Whatever the used activewear for this session, it must allow the movements, the inverted figures (a tee-shirt too wide for example, which falls in front of the face is therefore to ban). Shorts and a tee-shirt close-fitting would be appropriate.
  • I don't know how to dance - can I practice Exotic Dance?
    To start Exotic Dance, you will need knee pads, exotic heels and all your enthusiasm! There is no required dancing background. You will learn the dance technics from a beginner level such as body coordination principles, flexibility through the move, heels and floorwork technics, etc. The Exotic Dance technic is singular; so if you did Hip Hop or Classic Dance, it surely helps to make things easy from the beginning, but the whole Exotic Dance technic is unique to this discipline.
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  • Succeed your Pole Dance course
    Here are some tips to come ready for your course and pole dance in the best conditions : - Do not apply cream or oil on your hands and body. You can easily understand, during Pole Dance course, it is crucial to grip the pole the best we can. Slipping products like body cream, oil are to ban the day you go to your course. - Don't come on a full stomach. You will need all your energy for your Pole Dance course, in this way, avoid digesting when you have a pole class. No need to mention the discomfort feeling once you will be upside down. You can bring fruit or almonds for a small mouthful, during or after your course. - Make sure you'll feel comfortable in your activewear. We are not equal in terms of comfort and relation to our body. Yet, Pole Dance practice requires a light outfit, because every inch of skin is crucial to grip the pole. So, make sure you'll come with appropriate pole dance activewear in which you feel sufficiently comfortable and adapted to perform all movements. The choice of your outfit must be considered seriously being a part of good conditioning to perform well and enjoy your course. - Leave your problems at home. Going to your Pole Dance course is a decisive action to change yourself through the lessons. Arriving at your session in a determined and optimistic attitude will leave the place to your brain and your body for better assimilation and progress.
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