(with heels)

Floorwork Dance, otherwise called Strip Plastic or Floor Dance is a component of Exotic Pole Dancing, but the pole. ​ It is practised with dancing heels  especially designed to dance on pointed toes. It is  necessary to wear knees pad, as this area is highly solicited during the practice.

This singular and uncommon dance is very sensual and challenging. It requires flexibility, body coordination, strength, mobility and agility. In addition, it demands a good cardio and sustained stamina. 

Dancing with heels means to move constantly on pointed toes which makes it elegant and graceful.


Floorwork Dance can be practised by women and men, being expressed through several dancing styles   such as Hip-hop or Contemporary dance.

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The challenge of this dance, like Pole Dancing is to give the illusion of  ''making it looks easy''. 


Mainly practiced by women, expressing  feminine energies and moves, this dance regroup a worldwide male community dancers too. 

Dance is a strong self-development to get closer to our power of creation and expansion. ​