(with heels)

The Floor Dance, otherwise called Strip Plastic or Floorwork Dance is an extension of the Exotic Pole Dancing, but the pole. ​ It is practised with dance heels (like Pleasers brand) specially designed to adhere and slide to the floor. It is also necessary to wear knees pad, as knees are highly solicited during the practice.

This singular and uncommon dance is both technical and in perpetuity created from the development of the forces and objectives of each. It requires flexibility, body coordination, strength, mobility and agility. In addition, it requires good cardio and sustained stamina. 

Dancing with heels requires constant pointed toes position and conscious contact on each movement. 


The Floor Dance, which is often very sensual, can, however, be expressed in several ways inspired by dances such as Hip-hop and Contemporary dance.

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The challenge of this dance, like Pole Dancing is to give the illusion of great ease of execution and a natural one that we cannot perceive all the technical elements put together. ​


It should be noted that this dance, with its rather feminine energies, has more and more male followers. Men are also welcome, the doors of the studio are always open to anyone who wants to learn and discover.

Dance is one more way and one more way to get closer to one's body and self. ​