Stretching practice is an essential component of Pole Dance practice. It exists different "types" of stretches according to their intensity and their rhythm. There is slow stretching, to bring back the muscle to the resting condition after sports activity. But there’s also intense stretching to improve body flexibility, allowing advanced acrobatic figures as splits or bridge.

In general, stretching is essential to decrease the effect of body aches, but also to avoid injuries. It's also important to execute correct postures, work in consciousness through deep breathing, focusing on the stretched areas. This practice leads the body to develop itself with a balanced approach based on safe stretch, recovery and plenty of stretching postures and moves.

Stretching, Sophie Atlan, PoleFit Studio

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We live in a world of comfort where it is often given to "slouch us" or even standing for long hours in unhealthy postures. We have - often unconsciously - tendency to forget to live in our body through its initial nature. Stretching is a powerful way to reconnect deeply with the body and produce deep well-being feeling.

Stretching can realign the energy of the body by releasing stress, whether they are active or passive, they lead us to a state of relaxation and listening, providing deep well-being and serenity.

Music always remains the common thread of practice, whether it is to be inspired for a choreography or relax during stretching. It brings a special atmosphere and its beneficial waves bring a touch of magic when the mind is at rest...

The benefits of Stretching are various and impacts the body and the spirit; it's a body youth secret that create peace in thoughts.