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Stretching practice is an essential component of Pole Dancing.
There are two different ways to stretch known as static stretching and dynamic stretching. They vary depending on the intensity and have different meanings.

Static stretches are practised in standing position, sitting or lying while holding the same position for a couple of seconds or minutes. Usually, the muscles are warm and ready to handle such flexibility intensity. Dynamic stretches are controlled movements that warm up muscles, ligaments and soft tissues to get prepared for a pole dance workout for instance.

Stretching often helps to improve body flexibility which leads to an amazing well-being feeling. It also allows the muscles to stretch at their maximum, reaching advanced gymnastic figures such as splits or bridges.

​This physical practice is efficient in decreasing body ache effects, avoiding injuries as well as maintaining great general health.

It's fundamental to execute correct postures, within the best alignment possible and stand in consciousness through controlled deep breathing. 

We live in a world of comfort where we "slouch us" often on cushion furniture like our beloved sofa to watch good movies. We also stand at work for long hours in unhealthy postures. We have - often unconsciously - the tendency to forget to live and feel alive in our body as initial nature needs it. That's why stretching is a powerful way to reconnect deeply with the body, giving it a space to move and express itself. 

Stretching has a high impact on the body, it helps to release stress and tensions. It leads to relaxation, brings peace and quiet to be able to listen to ourselves. This synergy creates rapidly general well-being and serenity.
The benefits of stretching are abundant and boost positively our body and mind; it's a youth secret that keeps us dynamic, inspired and peaceful.

Stretching, Sophie Atlan, PoleFit Studio

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