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Pole sport (alternatively called Pole Tricks) is a unique form of exercise and performance that involves acrobatics, dance, and gymnastics on a vertical pole. It requires strength, flexibility, and grace and has gained popularity in the fitness industry as a fun and challenging way to get fit. Pole sport competitions are also held internationally, with athletes showcasing their skills and creativity in choreographed routines. While still facing some social stigma, pole sport is becoming more widely recognized as a legitimate sport and art form.

The training usually includes a warm-up, technique practice and conditioning exercises specifically designed for pole dancing. The Pole sport training can be done for fitness purposes and in competitions that showcase the dancer's creativity, choreography, and athletic abilities. It is a fun and challenging way to break away from traditional exercise routines and embrace a unique form of expression.

It is very recommended and judicious to start practising elements from the floor to slowly progress upper on the pole as the confidence and strength go along the repetition.

Most Pole Dance studios have safety mats to create the safest training possible. 

Placing a safety mat during challenging figures helps to push the limits while catching smoothly in case of a fall. 

Pole Sport * Pole Dance

Pole Sport * Pole Dance

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Adapting pole dance practice is crucial to ensure safety and progress. Proper warm-up and cool-down routines should be followed to prevent injuries. Spacing out training sessions and varying the intensity and duration of practices can also prevent burnout and overtraining. Pole dancers must also have access to appropriate equipment and space to practice safely. Additionally, dancers should tailor their training routines to suit their individual fitness levels and goals. Consistent practice and gradual progression in difficulty will result in skill development and improved performance overall.


 Pole Sport practice to progress is a matter of patience, pleasure and consistency. The learner must be able to be in optimal concentration, enjoy himself for every little accomplished step and look forward to the infinite possibilities.

It's literally joyous to create the illusion that a trick or a combo seems "easy", so much it looks fluid and graceful.  At this point, the hard work is transformed into splendid ephemeral art.

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