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Pole Sport (alternatively called Pole Tricks) and Pole Dancing training are practised on a pole, whether spinning or static. These disciplines are a combination of strength, body coordination, flexibility and stamina to execute simple or complex exercises, figures and combo. 

Pole Sport tends to define its style through aerial gymnastics while Pole Dance incorporate dancing elements. 

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Safe and enjoyable training is being performed based on different aspects such as figures level difficulty versus physical and mental student capacities. It is crucial to identify the student's strength, pain endurance, full-body flexibility and plain attention to integrate fully the teaching.

It is very recommended and judicious to start practising elements from the floor to slowly progress upper on the pole as the confidence and strength go along the repetition.

Most Pole Dance studios are equipped with safety mats to create the safest training possible. 

Placing a safety mat during challenging figures help to push the limits while catching smoothly in case of a fall.