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Exotic Pole Dance is a unique dance practised on a pole and on the floor (Floorwork). 

This dance requires a complex mix of physical capacities such as strength, flexibility, body coordination, stamina and great spatial orientation.

The art of flowing from the pole to the floor, executing forth and back combo, exploring the dancing area with fluidity makes this practice one of the most extreme and challenging dances. 

While this sensual dance is moderately practised over the world, it makes no secret Exotic Pole Dance is another dance version of Stripping Dance coming from Strip Clubs.  Even though the flow and the sensuality are similar, Exotic Pole Dancing is very different when it is practised in a studio, offering more acrobatics, aerial and technicals move.

This modern dance is executed with Pole Dance heels, the shape of the front platform is curved in order to dance on pointed toes. The dancing posture and the point one's toes characteristics are similar to Ballet Dance, that's why it makes this discipline a very intense full-body workout. 

Exotic Pole dancers mostly wear knee pads as it's necessary to fully protect the knee skin and joints to cushion strokes and avoid pain when dancing on the floor.  

An Exotic outfit can be any activewear that is suitable for a sport or dance training. As this dance is clearly sensual, the dancewear style tends to be very appealing while being very comfortable! About the dancing heels,  famous brands such as Pleasers shoes are constantly creating new models and awesome designs to conquer the dancer's fantasy and taste.

Sadly, as this dance is very intense, the heels platforms are rapidly damaged and scratched from strokes which is heartbreaking... An amazing idea came up recently from genius heartbroken fashion designers who have created heels protectors, freeing us to dance passionately wearing our precious heels ..!

 Sport is an art