Exotic Pole Dance is a requiring and unique dance combining strength, flexibility, body coordination, and agility.  This dance is executed on heels and knee pads are generally recommended. It can be learned and practised from the beginner level and with no dancing experience.


Exotic Pole Dance is made of different styles, each person can move and vibrate according to his own creativity and musical sensitivity.

We can still distinguish three styles of Exotic Pole Dancing:

  • Flow: Fluid and rather rhythmic dance with the pole but also on the floor (Floorwork), which is an important component of Exotic Pole Dancing.

  • Old School: Very sensual dancing flow,  eovcating strip dance, echoing to the sensuality of the movement and the development of the body shapes a well-known aspect of this artistic sport discipline.

  • Hard: This very rhythmic dance impresses with agility and flexibility in performing acrobatics on the pole and on the ground. This dancing performs lots of handstand and inverted figures.

Although more prevalent among women, it is important to note that this discipline is open to men as well.

 Sport is an art

Music plays an important role in the dancing practice and allows the body to move on a particular flow. It does not only give the tempo to follow, it is a revealing element of talent and creativity.


The same way we prepare every day depends on our mood, the same way, we can dance every day on different tempo, styles and rhythms. Some days to improve our skills at improvisation, creating new transitions and some days just for the pleasure to dance a known choreography on different music styles.

Exotic Pole Dance significantly improves self-confidence, muscle, tone, relaxed and creates unique emotions. It is not necessary to have experience in dance or sports, or even be in a particular shape to become a Pole Dancer, it's just demanding a start!


This dance is indicative of the artistic soul of each person, it teaches to be aligned with a process of self-esteem and respect for the uniqueness and talent of each.

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