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Membership Booking 

Which routine to choose?

Before choosing your membership, make your approach clear and list your priorities.

What are your goals?

First, define the most important elements you would like to reach, change, improve on yourself. Then list the long term achievements, alternatively called ''dreams''.

How is your lifestyle?

Your working time, your availability, your sports background, the routine you'd like to create and the factors that can prevent you from making it. 

How bad you want it?

Your motivation, your investment budget, your desire to change, your determination to commit to make your goals a new lifestyle.

The membership is based on a weekly training frequency, engaging your course planning for the whole month. You choose and switch the sport disciplines you'd like to practice,  as well as the training location (at your home, outside, in the studio) and of course your preferred hours and days.


If you hesitate on which one to choose, please contact me and we will define together the right membership according to your priorities list!