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My first steps at the Pink Paradise

Sophie Atlan stripper at the Pink Paradise in Paris

It all began in the hushed universe of the Pink Paradise in Paris. A glamorous atmosphere, pink tiger carpeting, superb dancers from all over the world, an easy-going ambience... Hypnotizing footwork, mingling perfumes, a stage where customers can enjoy dancing all night long... The exhilaration of the senses at its peak, I quickly felt that I'd feel at home here as I took my first steps into striptease.

Stairs to the main Hall Pink Paradise in Paris

I auditioned on a Saturday evening and started the following Monday.

Dress code required, dressed in a long, black, thigh-high dress, soon after 10 o'clock and a touch of perfume later, I was let loose in the arena. Stepping out of the dressing room and down the stairs to the main hall seemed as wonderful as it was frightening; I wondered what I was doing there, yet I wanted nothing more than to experience this adventure!

There were a few customers seated in the armchairs, the shows had already started, and the dancers at the bar were sipping a drink to get into the mood. As the evening got off to a quiet start, I took the opportunity to sit down next to one of the dancers and learn about the ins and outs of the business. There are unspoken rules to know, notably concerning respect and harmony between dancers; understanding and bonds are essential, as they set the mood of the evening. I don't know if it's specific to strippers, but I'd noticed that these women, when they like each other, become very tactile and touch each other very freely; whether it's their hair, their body, their dress, jewellery, everything is an opportunity to be in touched and touch... It's unique to see and very pleasant to feel around. At the bar, the girl finishes by warning me that it's essential to observe the clientele as well as the strippers' comings and goings to understand the order of things; you have to approach at the right moment, stay cool but identify the customer's potential as quickly as possible...

Or you'll have to pass your turn!

Pink Paradise from Paris

For the first time, I turned my seat towards the room to observe who would be my first customer. That's how I understood the concept: the sales approach had to be disguised as a seduction operation. Play up your charms, show a certain interest in the customer, and remain attentive to his speech and attitude.

That's when I spotted this customer, alone, in his fifties, rather chic and discreet. I'd been sitting for too long, hesitating at every turn, asking myself a multitude of pointless questions - in short, I had to get to the fire of the action. I finally got up to join, and sat down beside him with a big smile on my face. Not only that, but I remember his courtesy: I'd chosen well, and the feeling was mutual. So much so that he offered me my first table dance. The first time I heard the term, I thought the stripper was supposed to dance on the customer's table, but that soon seemed absurd, and I came to understand that it was otherwise known as "Lap dance"! The girl dance for the customer who is seated at her table, alone or accompanied. This lasts for the duration of a song, during which the dancer removes her bra. Every dance is different, especially for those who "put their heart into it". Sensuality and even sexuality are worth nothing without the game of seduction. When the dance seems robotized or the dancer looks away, the magic disappears. This highly eroticized moment takes place close to the customer, whether seated, standing or on the floor, each dancer following her own desires. It was when the customer gave me his ticket to receive his dance that I realized I'd never seen one and had no idea how to go about it. I remember dancing more with the table and the floor than with the customer, feeling the stares on "the new girl" and the manager looking at me with a look of "what the hell are you doing?''...

I finished my sweaty dance, and the delighted customer took me to the VIP room half an hour later for a twenty-minute full striptease. The private room was very cosy and narrow, occupied by a U-shaped sofa, and emphasizing a pretty bright pole-dance bar perched on a cute stage. The music was different, softer, more sensual. I was told that after twenty minutes, someone would come to inform us of the elapsed time, then the curtain closed, and I took the time to tame the space by climbing up to the pole; my favourite vision of the world.

What kind of dancing, posing and transitions could I do to occupy the space and produce a quality striptease? Not far from being overwhelmed by questions, I quickly got back in touch with the client and the mood was set. A special bond is created with each person; we know nothing or just a nickname about her, yet for a moment we exchange emotions linked to what is most intimate, powerful and instinctive. Between reality and fiction, certain glances seemed to be full of promises and our body language was a further confession of the erotic charge, an authentic out-of-time moment. I danced and undressed each part of my body with precision, trying to tune into the right angle at the right moment. I'd watched with amusement videos on the art of stripping, the art of removing each garment with elegance. I was suggesting, playing with the darkness of the room, that each piece of skin revealed gave me a sense of freedom. By nature, I had been a little reserved, but I felt incredibly comfortable, and the customer left with stars in his eyes. I thought nudity might have been unpleasant for me, but in reality, thanks to experiences, I'd lost my modesty. It was taking part in artistic events with other dancers; everyone undressed and got dressed in the same room, men and women together, and there was not a second to waste to go back to the show! My body had truly become my working tool, my raw material, one of the reasons, among others, that had brought me to this point. I was ready to start again, to improve and develop my creativity.

Then the DJ called me up on stage. As the stage name Sophie was already used, I chose Jade, reminding me of a beautiful jade stone pendant gift from my mother. I had only three songs ahead of me to warm up, feel myself and be ready to take my first steps in front of the audience. I joined the stage, the dancer taking my hand to welcome me, I stopped my eternal questioning and put my heart into my work to occupy ten minutes with emotion and sensuality. I got to know the narrowness of the stage, the too-smooth surface of the glass and the slippery pole. I had to be careful and integrate new space notions, angles, best view... It was such a special moment, it had nothing to do with the space and comfort of my studio. I was attentive to my audience, smiling happily and following my inspiration. Three songs later, it was my turn to welcome the next dancer with my hand.

Sweating, I went back up to the dressing rooms to freshen up. Wipes, perfume, deodorant, make-up, I always had to be fresh and ready. Once I'd washed up, feeling more at ease, more in the game, I headed back downstairs and took my place in the ballroom until five o'clock in the morning.

To Be Continued!

Sophie Atlan (SoExotic)

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