Private course or class?

Before starting a new practice, it is important to identify the right learning format that will make us feel supported and strongly motivated to create a routine.

The format choice frequently depends on the student personality, planning and goals.

Both formats, private and class have advantages and constraints; give it a try on both learning methods is ideal in order to decide on the right one for yourself.

Private course objective is to highly benefit from the teacher's attention. It remains the optimal way to learn safely, to feel supported every second while progressing through a tailor-made teaching process. This program is built according to the learner's physical conditions and mindset; each course is an opportunity to push himself through a trustful connection he experiments with his coach. 

Group class objective is to highly benefit from the group effervescence and support. It remains a good option to learn within the presence of supportive students. Class format is a great occasion to learn tolerance and respect through a mirror effect; seeing others students succeeding, failing, doubting and laughing offers multiple ways to become a clever and open minded person.