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New Year Update About Exciting Pole Dance Tutorials!

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Get ready for the New Year with exciting pole dance tutorials, on my YouTube channel. Join me and start your pole dancing journey today!

Youtube Pole Dance Tutorials by SoExotic, PoleFit Studio Tel Aviv Israel

Dear PoleFit members!

Firstly, let me wish you a wonderful 2022 made of dance, joy and fulfilment!

As a pole lover and instructor, I also wish you to keep training with joy and appreciate every second all along the way to your dreams.

Pole dancing takes time, patience and consistency, but moreover, involves your love for who you are and what your body and mind are capable of achieving.

I'd love to hear what your dreams, achievements or just important decisions you'd like to follow during this new year. Write them in the comments!

On my side, I have a main priority which remains to keep a constant pleasure to learn, practice and teach. Teaching is an important part of my daily activities and I'm always amazed how a knowledge transmission can deeply impact a person. My curiosity for teaching expands so much when I hear my students relating to the new perceptions it creates in their lives. It reminds me of the infinite amazement and the unexpected physical and mental processes that are boosting our general health. It's playful, serious and fascinating.

I'd like to expand this knowledge to more people from all over the world. Tutorials are a great way to do this, so I have decided to create one tutorial a week in English and Français (French). I will create a tutorial from one of these disciplines; pole dance, exotic pole dance, floorwork and stretching.

There are many interesting things I want to share while enjoying video production. I will always make sure to produce a quality video in spite of using a smartphone. And make sure to transmit the essentials.

I'd love to hear your feedback and eventually your tutorial requests. I'll be happy to integrate it into my list!

Exotic Pole Dance Tutorials in English and French by SoExotic, PoleFit Studio Tel Aviv Israel

Let's connect on my Youtube channel and grow together!

Every single subscriber is welcomed with love and will help to give visibility to this channel to expand its knowledge to more pole dancers all over the world!

I hope to see you there and hear from you as well!

With love,


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