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How UNPLACE Streetwear, my brand-new clothing line and accessories is born!

An adventure made but not improvised!

In fact, the creation of the UNPLACE clothing brand is a synergy of skills acquired over time and audaciously nurtured passions! This project is definitely the synergy of intellectual and physical skills which come together and express themselves through artistic creation. From online marketing jobs and creation through digital design. From the fitness practice that leads me to pole dance and becoming an instructor. Flowing next to perform for art shows, I had the envy to get into the stripper skin for a few months in Paris, London and Geneva strip clubs (and yeah, I will tell you soon about this incredible experience)!

Over the years, my body has become my instrument of work and art! Luckily, life gave me the incredible opportunity to rub shoulders with the lenses of various photographers, and the most talented of them was Nathan Yakobovitch. Our amazing duo leads us to create unique nude photos. He is the one and only one who took my most beautiful shots. And we have many future projects!

After this long journey, it was ultimately through technology that I had the chance to combine and emerge from these experiences. During my research, I discovered Print On Demand, that is to say, producing different merchandise, crafted and printed on demand, without needing a warehouse or storage! The icing on the cake is that the entire process is coordinated through seamless automation from purchase to production to delivery of the product!

That's when a new challenging adventure started!

SoExotic Art was created Before UNPLACE Streetwear was born.
SoExotic Art Before UNPLACE creation

From SoExotic Art to UNPLACE Streetwear

The first step of this history was the initiative to create an online store called SoExotic Art to sell my photos. The idea was interesting, all you had to do was purchase the photo and upload it digitally. But the process left me with a taste of incompleteness; the pictures were not physically delivered and framed. As a result, I did some research that led me to Print on Demand.

Nurturing a passion for the world of pole dancing, heels and music, I initially had the idea of creating a clothing line from that passion. I was creating designs illustrating dance heels as well as musical elements that could be printed on t-shirts, mugs, and pouches. I liked the idea, but I ended up feeling some kind of limitation about the ability to develop different design styles. I already had in mind to dress both men and women, so I had to opt for a wider approach.

Opening the field of possibilities gave me the idea to use my photos and make designs that would be suitable for men and women. UNPLACE Streetwear came into existence. After much research on different suppliers, I decided to start designing with established suppliers and printers called Printify and Printful.

Given the diversity of products available, I undertook market studies to better understand the fashion market, trends and forecasts for future years. I came to the conclusion that the best choice for my designs would be a style of streetwear, derived from dance and musical culture. A stylish outfit that can be worn on all occasions! A style that perfectly matches my passions and that I like to wear!

UNPLACE Streetwear designs for t-shirts, crop top, sweaters, hoodie, duffle bag and water bottle.
UNPLACE Streetwear designs

Creating my designs and collections

Although I spent countless hours editing and republishing my photographs and drawings, I realized from studying them that they tend to tell a story.

Stories of dance, music, and female power, I imagined these drawings to be named for a collection. As a result, I created my collections, which could include clothing and accessories for women, men and men.

Inspired by the symbols of feminine strength, I create a balance between daring, originality and sophistication. My desire is to embellish that which has become banal by bringing a touch of fantasy to people and clothes. The idea is that the drawing does not carry any formulation or sentence to free up the imagination of each person.

Each pattern, in a variety of colours or with different elements, had to blend elegantly into the style and colour of the chosen garment. So, in a game of creation and elaboration, I selected the clothes that would compose a harmonious and fashionable line.

UNPLACE Streetwear and accessories apparels for men, women and gender-neutral. The line is made of crop top and tank top for women, unisex t-shirts, hoodies for men and sport bag with water bottles.
UNPLACE Streetwear and accessories apparels

My clothing and accessories selection

When creating my collections, I studied the garment, the shape, the material, and the colour. I wanted to offer fashionable garment cuts, and fabrics adapted to dance movement or heat. To begin with, I went for the simplest, from the small organic crop top to the light tank top, so I would easily insert my designs and rework them as needed.

Then, eager to create a unisex line, I picked up some original T-shirts and added them to my collections. Starting in the middle of winter, I also start making sweatshirts and sweaters with flattering cuts for both women and men. So, over time, I ordered my first Treble Clef sweater that was, to my surprise, incredibly soft and very well crafted.

Always inspired and motivated by sports, I went for accessories like sports bags and sports bottles. I decided on the sports bag and a solid plastic bottle, resulting in the Wonder Woman collection creation. Again, I was surprisingly satisfied when I got the bag and the bottle! I conclude again with how good and strong they were!

And now..? I just keep going!

Yes, continuing is about developing the brand and its web presence, which is a big job! But this is just a brief overview of how I created my brand and how the thread unfolded.

Feel free to visit my store and let me know in the reviews your impressions! Each comment matters!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article which I hope will have inspired you as much as I was in creating my brand!

See you soon for the next adventures!


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