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Heels Fetish

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Dear reader,

I must confess to you my pole dancing heels obsession...

When I've decided to practice pole dancing, for some reason I ignored at this period, the two things I bought at the same time were a pole and a pair of pole dancing heels.

I've always loved regular heels, but I must say pole dancing shoes have reached deep inside my heart and became an important part of my pole inspiration.

The infinite legs lines they create are an invitation to get lost through the unreal pole moves, pure feminine grace and powerful attitude I could not miss...

From the very beginning, I have decided to constantly train with my heels to make them an extension of my legs, a part of myself.

The first months were very challenging since my body balance and strength weren't built to allow me to feel comfortable walking, dancing and poling.

But with time, they started to feel a part of my legs and my heels collection has started... Slowly but surely, I have spoiled myself with lots of different heels, colours, heights and styles to develop and always enjoy my pole dance practice.

In my perception, there's always a conscious approach through the outfit, the heels and the accessories I choose for training. It's constantly exciting and motivating to be able to express ourselves through the way we get dressed, especially when sport meets art.

Some clothes, heels or accessories can really twist my mind to a totally different aspect of my personality, leading me to discover myself again and again.

The stunning heels above are my latest acquisition and I could expect such stunning and so sparkling beauties.

On an exciting day I received them, barely revealed from their wrapping, the red sparkle colour has struck my retina and my heart, letting me speechless. Suddenly, an idea came up to my mind saying '' You should share this moment of joy to show to the world how amazing it is to reveal such stunning heels...'' You know, that special moment when you open the box and start to unpack... When you feel that gradual excitement and happiness.

Instantaneously, my imagination got lost through the rainbow of sparkle tones, like a world was hidden behind these millions of reflections.

I had so much fun creating this unboxing video, involving different artistic aspects of my skills, such as the creative content, a bit of myself talking and the track list which is my creation when I used to be a music producer.

I know this passion is very personal and singular and you may not feel as sensitive as I to this 3:35 minutes of heels obsession.

But if you are a heels lover, there's something spicy waiting for you!

I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Keep calm and put your heels on!

With love,



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