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How to choose your Pole Dancing heels platforms?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Pleasers Heels and Hella Boots Heels
Heels, Dance and Happiness

Pole dancing heels are specially made for dancing on pointed toes.

Their platform is curved in order to dance on pointed toes and the sole is well-cushioned. So far, these heels have been the most comfortable high shoes, mostly very stable and resistant.

They are mainly used for Exotic Pole Dancing, Stripper Dance and Dance floor or alternatively called Strip Plastic dance. The material and the design of the shoes change according to the dancing style.

For slow dancing and moves, strippers can choose heels without ankle straps, making their ankles and legs aesthetically free of clothes and locking. About the material, glitter and diamond heels would make the shiniest and most sensual effects within the club lights and environment.

For intense dancing, the dancer would choose a great ankle strap and foot support. The material could be plastic, leather (faux vegan leather) or boots.

Among the heel brands, there are plenty, creating from sober to craziest heel designs. To name the most popular ones, Pleaser, Ellie, Karo or also Hella Heels.

You might want to visit Tiffany Glitters Heels or Nightshade Designs for hand-made custom heels.

Which heels platform height to choose?

The height of the platform depends on dancers' flexibility, ease and body mobility. Besides the aesthetic aspects, heels are meant to create a long and sensual leg shape.

Pleasers Heels, Black Gitter, SoExotic, Polefit Studio blog, tel aviv, Israel
Flamingo 4inches - Black Glitter by Pleaser

The platform height varies according to the heels used; will it be for Pole Dancing? Floor dance? Photoshoot? Strip club? Whether you choose the lowest or the highest, make sure your walk, postures and moves seem effortless and natural. You should be able to keep your pointed toes, and stable dancing postures within fluid and graceful moves.

Beginners dancers would choose a 2 to 3 inches platform and more advanced dancers a 3 to 4 inches and sometimes higher.

Which material and design is the best for your dancing style?

Let me describe a few styles and designs from my dancing experience.

This list isn't exhaustive and could be completed with your comments!

Pleasers Heels, Moon, Purple, SoExotic,  Polefit Studio blog, tel aviv, Israel
Moon 3inches - Purple by Pleaser


The most common, supportive and resistant material. It almost never breaks (unless you practice hardcore dancing style) and can be cleaned very easily.

The plastic strap would stretch just a little over time, but not so much keeping great feet support.

We also like the strap transparency giving the eyes an aesthetic vision with clean lines on the leg, ankle and feet.

Pleasers Heels, Adore, Nude, SoExotic,  Polefit Studio blog, tel aviv, Israel
Adore 3inches - Nude Pat by Pleaser


I would classify both materials as stunning effect on the skin, especially if a patent makes it glossy. They are easy to clean and resist very well. These materials are pretty soft, thin and non-sticky on the floor.

However, they would stretch along with the use and dances, offering less support from the ankle as well as the rest of the feet. You may bring them to your shoemaker in order to add more holes to the ankle part.

Pleasers Heels, Adore, Pink, SoExotic,  PoleFit Studio blog, tel aviv, Israel
Adore 3inches, Pink by Pleaser


Creativity never stops, especially when Pleaser brings it to a unique sweet pinky style.

This material isn't the most convenient, being hard to clean and getting stretchy on the toes part, offering less support to the foot.

However, it's a very resistant material, a must-have in your heels wardrobe.

You might want to keep these heels for spinning pole dancing, photoshoots or smooth dancing.

Alla, Hella Heels, Pole Dancing Boot, PoleFit Studio Blog, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Boho Babe Boot 4inches by Hella Heels


A new trend, a new look and a new style, boots are becoming so popular! Since I have never worn these beauties, I needed real feedback for this article.

Let's hear Alla, a pole dancer girl talking about her boots!

How do you feel dancing with boots?

To be honest I don’t think that in general boots are that much different from regular shoes. Of course, it’s much easier and feels safer to do something dynamic. However, here is something from my personal experience that I want to point out. My ankle has a tendency to bend aside a bit and it was very hard for me to pay enough attention to its position. And boots were an excellent solution for fixing that problem cause it felt wrong every time my ankle tried to bend aside and my body was fixing the position by itself.

What's the difference you notice compared to regular heels?

The ankle support is pretty strong and boots kinda force your feet to be pointed. And of course, your toes and nails are completely protected from being destroyed by moves on the floor. However, there is one possible disadvantage. Depending on the boot's material there is a chance you can miss ankle grip with the pole cause some materials are very slippery.

Do you wear boots with or without socks?

I do both. Personally, I think that wearing socks during training is a great option to keep your boots cleaner because your socks will make the most of your feet sweat. And considering the fact that cleaning boots are harder than regular heels with straps, I prefer to wear socks. But sometimes I feel like going barefoot because it just feels nicer.

Would you recommend boots compared to regular heels?

If you don’t actually require boots for your dance style, I cannot recommend them instead of regular heels. At the end of the day, there is not a lot of difference and I think everyone deserves to have both boots and regular heels :)


Unboxing Pinky Glitter Heels

''Every girl deserves some sparkle on her feet''

I hope you enjoy reading this article! I was not sure how to finish this content as it could be as long as human creativity brings us new styles and materials. However, I guess it brings you great insight to guide your choice.

Choosing the perfect heels can be a mission, spending hesitating hours over the internet... That's why I wanted to bring up a substantial input to the pole community!

I invite you to comment and share, so the community can enjoy more feedback and useful pole tips!

With Love,



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