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5 Powerful Benefits Of Pole Dancing

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

1. Body acceptance through mind empowerment

Humans and most women are struggling with their image acceptance and body appearance. If you cannot change your physical appearance, your mind has the power to change your appreciation and lead your ego to accept and even to love yourself. It's essential to grow consciously through a path of tolerance and recognition to achieve serenity and self-respect. Pole dance is definitely a place where these concepts are constantly felt and questioned. It remains a complex path of back and forth appreciation of ourselves. Whether what we like and dislike from our body, the only way out is to seek a larger and clearer field of perception. That distance creates a gap between ourselves and our emotions, opening space for a new let go state and tolerant state of mind. Pole dance practice proves that in spite of our physical appearance or strength, we definitely do our best and this is the most important. Pole Dancers are constantly encouraged themselves and empower every little progress to victory. With time, the mind is slowly filled with more compassion and kindness. During the practice, falling off will go along with determination through acceptance, which leads to body acceptance and body empowerment.

2. Reconsidering pain perception and discomfort

Humans in general and especially pole dancers are doing their best to avoid discomfort and pain. However, they are conscious of the ''superheroes'' skills they must develop throughout the practice to keep on progressing. It's almost a ''no choice'' situation to face; it is required to overcome the pain and discomfort to jump to the next level. It takes what it takes to get there. This common expression ''going out of the comfort zone'' is a recurring concept in Pole dancing; there's always a challenge to surpass limits, pain and reinforce determination. Our mind has the ability to overcome the pain in order to progress; it requires self-control to sharpen and master. Through time, along with practice, the brain learns new concepts about pain stamina which leads to a stronger inner strength and body endurance. As I say to my student '' you must be stronger than the pole''... This leads them to reconsider the pain and deal better with the discomfort.

3. Patience makes expectations realistic

Patience is the best ally, it's the best friend to progress peacefully and constantly. It helps to avoid frustration and abandonment throughout the journey. This ability maintains a virtuous dynamic of letting it go and determination to surpass limits and apprehend new goals. Being patient makes the experience smoother; the appreciation for what's happening now is as essential as being pushed to higher expectations and acting for the better. We tend to feel each time a bit more of what we're working and aspiring for. The lessons learned through the pole dance practice are impressively powerful, they penetrate ingeniously the body and mind throughout the time. Their capacity to impact our state of mind leads to sticking to reality and understanding the value of each step forward. Patience is the key to making expectations realistic as they correlate with commitment and happiness collected on this path.

4. Fears are a state of being to be overcome

Fears are basically the limits to be overcome in order to realize their real existence. They project an illusion in the mind by creating an uncomfortable distance and feeling. We physically feel it! Our bodies feel weak, incapable and powerless. Our mind feels limited and stuck in a loop of dramatic scenarios. It's normal, human and that's definitely the trick we must identify to overcome illusions. Pole dancing practice is definitely the practice to understand how fears freeze us from doing a step forward, even though we are surrendered by great teachers or protected with a pole mat in case of failure. The brain must relearn concepts such as safety and risks levels. For instance, I always teach new students that slipping on the pole because of moist hands isn't similar to completely removing the hands and crashing down. So then, they can adjust the stress impact and learn how to feel safe through the risk. This safe feeling is the key to overcoming fears.

5. Visualize progress to create success.

A huge part of progress is built through the mind. The way we mentally judge our capacities on a daily basis isn't always real. It's mostly disappointing and dramatic scenarios playing with our thoughts, stopping us from feeling strong and capable. However, when we are dreaming of something that makes us joyful and enthusiastic, our brain does not make any difference between reality and imagination. And this is where visualisation of progress creates positive body chemistry and high vibrations that lead every human to achieve his dreams. I can relate to this as, when I was just a pole dancer beginner, my only thoughts and occupations were to imagine myself thousands of times doing crazy pole tricks and moves. These thinking moments were happening all the time, during the day and before sleeping. And when it was about to practice a specific move I wanted to achieve, success magic was just happening without previous physical training. I discover then that visualizing my dreams as they were already existing was the key to progress and creating success.


Finishing this post now about the pole dance benefits that are life-changer does not sound complete as this practice delivers way more than this.

But I do think these specific aspects are the most common pole dancers can relate to their pole dancing practice.

If you ever wanted to try pole dancing but still hesitating, I hope these few words would help you to pass the step. I'm sure there are plenty of activities that do open our minds and lead us to be better, wiser and stronger, that's why it's important to be curious and try new things!

Stay active and enthusiastic, life is a constant path of discovery and magic!

With love,


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