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5 reasons why you should try Exotic Pole Dance!

Updated: Jan 27

Exotic pole dancing brings out the best vibes, and there are so many great reasons to try this sport. This particular form of pole dancing possesses certain secrets that warrant disclosure. Let me share with you five reasons why you should try exotic pole dance.

SoExotic, Pole Dance, PoleFit Studio, tel aviv, Israel.
Strong is the new feminine
It's an official sport!

Exotic Pole dance is a sport that combines dance and acrobatic moves executed on a dancing pole.

This dance requires a synergy of powerful physical skills such as endurance, flexibility, coordination and strength. One hour of exotic pole dance burns 250 calories, leading to stronger skeletal structure and improving muscular capacities. You will get stronger, more resistant to the pain, and feel better when moving your body and living in it!

Exotic Dancers wear dancing platform heels, comfortable and stable, specially designed for dancing on pointed toes.

This dance requires constant posture control, engaging intensely with upper body and core strength simultaneously. These notions defined exotic pole dancing as one of the most challenging dances, similar at some point to ballet dance.

SoExotic, PoleFit Studio, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Smile to fly
It's an art and it's a lot of fun!

Exotic pole dance is as sensual as aerial, making it a sulfurous and mesmerizing dance to practice and watch! Every pole dancer can confirm that time flies during a pole dance workout. The focus makes us forget about time. Your fascination and your curiosity to discover how the body moves, creating shapes and motions will blow your mind. During the learning, we explore various concepts such as aesthetics, body fluidity, tricks, figures and variations with a high emphasis on each detail. Over time, this fantastic discipline forges new perceptions of yourself and leads us to develop various creative skills. This synergy of elements is a part of our foundation, where our dancing style is arising. The environment plays an important role, it feels great to be spotted until it reaches new heights. It feels great to live these joyful moments of laughs, challenging our fears and expectations. We learn better by relaxing body and mind!

Soexotic, polefit studio, tel aviv, israel
Exotic dress code
Exotic is about heels and sexy dancewear!

People, especially women, are surprised when they wear pole dance heels for the first time! These heels are more comfortable and stable than regular ones! The sole is covered by a soft cushion, making every step very smooth for the arch of the foot. The curved platform allows the pointed toes posture and reinforces ankle stability through complex and technical moves. Depending on the flexibility, taste and styles, the platforms can be as high as 6 inches! Most of the exotic dancers wear 3 or 4 inches. I would recommend 2 or 3 inches maximum for beginners to keep the dancing as easy as possible.

Mentioning again the artistic aspects of this sport, choosing a pair of dancing heels is an inspiring approach to expressing ourselves, whether opting for sober or eccentric heels. The accessories and activewear are an infinite source of creativity and motivation that makes us feel beautiful, sensual, glamorous, strong and inspired. We can consider exotic pole dancing as one of the unique sports going along with the very sexy and glamorous outfit.

Bridge, Soexotic, polefit studio, tel aviv, israel
Bend so you won't break
It will make you stronger, flexible and coordinated!

Dancing is one of the most powerful ways to develop body skills and capacities. Moving coordinately through technical motions is a matter of rigorous and constant training. Most of the beginners aren't coordinated and not as flexible as this dance requires. The focus is constantly sustained to coordinate the body parts; the moves must go along with the music while creating aesthetic and fluid movements. Seeking perfection is an illusory path; it will only make you unsatisfied and frustrated. To get to the excellence we want and dream of, the virtuous way is to focus on improving our presence, living our emotions as well and adjusting our attitude to the style and the music. During pole class, students keep looking at the teacher to follow up on the choreography, which limits their presence with themselves and their emotions. If you have trouble following the choreography, see the reasons why and adjust yourself; for instance, if a move is too hard for you and delays you, you can create a variation or solicit your instructor to teach you an easier step! There's a chance your problem might concern other students and could benefit the group too.

Finally, it's important to let your body move naturally and listen attentively to the way it needs to move within the movement. I would recommend training alone as much as possible; make time to create moves, do some freestyle, record the session and then watch it to observe and improve.

Soexotic, polefit studio, tel aviv, israel
Seek new horizon
It will deeply modify your perceptions and mindset

When you start to practice a challenging activity, you might feel a little shaken not being able to reproduce a move that seems simple to you. You might feel frustrated and dislike yourself when seeing your body reflection in the mirror.

Firstly, make sure not to compare yourself with anyone else, it's a waste of time because you are unique and already on your way to finding yourself. We all start feeling unconfident, clumsy or hung up, and your presence in class proves your wish to change this. Make this discomfort smaller than your goals. Keep the focus on your future yourself, train and do not pay too much attention to the negative points, they will slowly move away from you. Getting stronger isn't only physical, it grows within wholesome thinking and regular training to progress and success.

To reach a confident state of mind, you will kindly accept yourself, oversight your emotions to stay positive and feel enthusiastic about the idea that it can only get better. This beneficial dynamic will have a huge positive impact on other aspects of your life, leading you to adopt new perceptions and attitudes with yourself and your relatives too. In other words, this powerful discipline is wonderful to clear up your fears, judgement and doubts, making a place for happiness and self-development.


I hope this article gave you interesting input to consider trying exotic pole dancing.

I wish you a lot of success on this amazing journey!

With love,


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