Pole Dancing

The self-encounter to surpass oneself

Sophie Atlan, Artist & Instructor


Welcome to the PoleFit studio website!

​In these special times, we are invited to adapt, to remain creative and active!
To do this, I offer live lessons from StripPlastic / Floorwork for beginners and intermediate.

​You will be able to attend a 1h live course twice a week to learn the dance techniques and progress through a choreography!

A whole program to stay in shape...

Join me there!

Pole Sport

The Pole Sport or otherwise called Pole trick is a discipline that is practiced on static and spinning pole.

Exotic Pole Dance

The Exotic Dance Pole is a very demanding discipline combining strength, flexibility, coordination and agility.


Stretching is an active and relaxing practice allowing a better flexibility and release tension, stress and contracture .


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Class & Private Course


Perfect for profiles who appreciate the buzzing and the energy of a group, learn with friends as well as build social relationships.

The Class allows a learning process based on interactions with others participants, as well as observing and studying the group's failures and successes.

Private Course

Perfect for profiles who appreciate the teacher's total attention for faster comprehension and tailor made teaching process.

The Private Course allows flexibility in the disciplines learned according to preferences and desires. It's also adapted to the learner's schedule.

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