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​In these special times, we are invited to adapt, to remain creative and active! No matter where you are in this world, your life is certainly affected by the ongoing restrictions and the sometimes prolonged closures of dance studios and gym. This is an opportunity to create alternative ways to stay in shape and also seize the opportunity to learn a new discipline such as pole dancing, exotic dance, fitness or stretching.

To do this, I offer different formats of private coaching courses, both online and offline, which gives you the opportunity to access my teachings according to your possibilities and preferences. ​

I teach for any type of profile and physical condition, women and men, young people, adults or seniors, beginners or experienced sportsmen.

The courses are always different and diverse, specially designed for the student's profile. ​ ​


You have the opportunity to learn and practice in class disciplines such as Exotic Dance (Floorwork with dance heels) as well as Low Flow Strengthening & Mobility. 

These classes take place at the Icon Fitness Gym Studio, located in Tel-Aviv. 

Click here to book your room.

​ ​

You also have the opportunity to learn and practice private training, outside, in a park, on the beach for disciplines such as Fitness & Strengthening, Cardio & HIIT, Mobility & Stretching...  ​

Click here to book your private training.

Courses can also be held at the student's house, if the space is suitable and if the location is on Tel-Aviv.

The Pole Sport and Exotic Pole Dance courses are temporarily suspended due to restrictions on closing and limiting access to studios. Solutions will be put in place to give you access to these disciplines very soon.​

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Pole, Dance & Fitness

The self-encounter to surpass oneself


Fitness & Pole Dance Coach

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Pole Sport / Pole Dancing
Exotic Pole Dance
Exotic Dance / Floorwork
Low Flow Strengthening
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