Pole, Dance & Fitness

Welcome to my Pole & Dance world!

For ten years now, I have been exploring different sports activities.

I have made it a strength and a means to progress in all areas of my life.

This sport-based lifestyle has made me more determined and patient to overcome my fears and meet new challenges. I enjoy transmitting my experience and knowledge through a deep and fun learning method.

I teach several sports disciplines such as Pole Dance ~ Sport, Exotic Pole Dance, Strengthening and Stretching in Tel-Aviv. 

Whether you are a woman, a man or a little one, whatever your age, sport background and physical condition, let me take you on this unique and powerful journey.

Sophie, ''SoExotic''
Fitness & Pole Dance Coach

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There are so many different ways to explore and develop ourselves!

Enjoy exploring yourself through differents sports approach such as Pole Sport, Exotic Pole Dance,

Fitness & Strength, Floor Dance and Stretching.

These workouts are taught from beginers to intermediate levels, for women and men from all physical condition and age.

Discover each workout specificities knowing they are all based on the same notions and concepts. 

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