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Very popular and easy to reach for everyone, fitness has become a real sports trend, showing powerful results such as body transformation and musculature development.

Fitness sports group various activities such as walking, running, CrossFit, swimming, football, cycling, etc.

These activities incorporate exercises such as circuits (multiple stations loops with specific periods or number of repetitions), intervals (variations between short and intense efforts to lighter intensity efforts and rest periods) or also strength (targeted exercises to build strength and muscular endurance). 

Fitness workout is excellent for building and developing advanced body skills and capacities, adapted for all physical condition, age and sex. It can be practised at the gym, from the comfort of home or even at the beach; everyone can adapt it to his daily life to make it a great routine! 

FITNESS WORKOUT | Home, Gym, Outdoor Training

FITNESS WORKOUT | Home, Gym, Outdoor Training


When it's necessary to develop more advanced musculature skills for Pole Dancing, strengthening and conditioning are an integral part of Pole Dance workouts. These disciplines enable beginners and athletes to build strength, endurance and pain resistance while improving body coordination.

Pole dance conditioning training is a ''key'' workout to prepare the body and apprehend safely complex pole tricks. Conditioning enables learners to perform better by adjusting move intensity and complexity.


Such ''mind-body'' conditioning helps to anticipate fears as well as identify mental blocks preventing us from progressing and going further. 

Want to book a Fitness or Strengthening course? Click here to start an amazing journey!

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