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Updated: Sep 30, 2022

As said by J-F Kennedy, art is the fruit of free people's creativity!

During my pole journey, as an artist, dancer and performer, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in many shows, private events and pole dance competitions in Israel. Born in a rather reserved nature, these shows pushed me to consider my body as a tool, as a material, as a substance I could create a distance with to feel comfortable in any situation possible and produce the best performance I could.

The show must go on, be ready!

Showtime is as exciting as challenging! This moment is made of joy, hard work and passion. One of the most moving situations I had to face was yet on the stage or within the crows, but mostly behind the scene with all the people preparing the show. For instance, when setting up for the show, artists are all together in the same room, whether musicians, make-up artists, managers, dancers, or organisers, walking and working all around, running after time to make everything perfect.

There is no time left to search for intimacy, there are different clothes dancers must wear and change quickly. Everyone is getting prepared, getting undressed and changing clothes in front of everyone without feeling embarrassed. I had to adapt and imitate the people's confidence around me to make myself comfortable and efficient. These experiences leads me to release my reserved nature and consider my body differently. That was the main initiation that open my mind about the way I was considering myself. From this, I wanted to explore more about the Pole Dance world and decided to trip to Europe to work in strip clubs.

An unforgettable experience!

I've been very lucky to have experient the opportunity to work at the Pink Paradise in Paris, at the Sensi in Geneva and then at the Sophisticat in London.

This strip tease world kept on leading me to develop my self-confidence by abandoning some of my prejudices and getting to know this very singular world.

The main thing I've learned there is that when getting undressed during a strip tease is getting dressed by ourselves, through confidence, with the right attitude, and making it a personal way to do the thing. That was so rich in education and self-development that it definitely turns my perceptions of higher awareness and life approach.

So far, I came back to Tel-Aviv as a different woman even though I was not fully aware of how this trip moved me so deeply. It probably opens me to the following step which was meeting the photographer, particularly Nathan Yacobovitch, with whom, I posed nude for the second and third shooting sessions.

Nude photoshoot initiation!

I never thought I would do a nude photoshoot... But yet, it happened! Nathan approaches me through Facebook and from this we decided to meet. From this, a very singular story starts, and from the second shoot, we turned to a nude photoshoot with the pole. Nathan is probably one of the most respectful and conscientious men I ever met. He shows me so much trust and passion for art that we decided then to try some nude photographs in his new studio.

Fascinated by the woman's beauty, and inspired by his energy, we came up with an amazing shooting session that brings up amazing clichés.

We did not intend to do something particular with the pictures, we were just there to create something unique together, and yet we received a very high score award from the famous site

From this moment, it became obvious that we were taking a part in a long collaboration journey as we found a common passion, challenge and vision for beauty and aestheticism.

Let's spread our art to the world!

Posting our art on social media was yet a great spread, however, I was sceptical about posting my nude clichés over there. These pictures were so amazing and unique, it would have been a shame to not offer them, and spread them to the world! I was always thinking and seeking ways to publish these shoots on the right platform and yet make them valuable by selling them.

My professional background in online marketing and my passion for visual creation leads me to open my shop on Etsy, SoExotic Art.

Live since a month, I must admit I do enjoy building it and filling it with the best clichés we did.

Pushed by this new project, I'll keep on creating with Nathan as well as with others photographers to diversify the style, ambience and theme.

I'm pretty proud of this online shop but mostly about all the work behind the scene that leads me to get to this!

I invite you to get a look at my online Etsy shop and support me with your follows and feedback!

I'll be excited to hear about your comments and requests if any cool creative ideas came up to your mind!

Freedom definitely makes us creative and passionate about pushing limits through beauty and aestheticism creation.

With love,

Sophie aka SoExotic

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