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How to create your artist book?

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Because every artist deserves to be known!

As an artist, creator or freelancer, communication tools are crucial to communicating with your community and with the world. Showing your skills, your talents, your services are important, but mostly creating a catchy eye book to make an impact on your readers and providing the right information.

After creating my own book, I thought I could share with you some great tips to produce such a communication tool that could bring you the right opportunity.

Let's see now how you can create this book!

  • Which design software to use?

Canva, amazing and easy to use!

I first started on PowerPoint but I rapidly wanted to insert various elements I could not. So after few types of research, I found this online software Canva allowing you amazing design features and possibilities!

The software offers a free version giving you infinite options to create the coolest design in the most modern and playful way.

  • What is your activity? Your style? Your ambience?

Visualize your art and its style.

Deliver the right message. For example, my style is dancing, cabaret, performer, so I choose a dark background to match with the cabaret atmosphere when only the stage is illuminated. I also wanted something colourful, dynamic and sensual and feminine. So I used circle shape (referencing to feminine shape) with neon content for the title to remind the spotlight. Keep this narrative arc along with your slides and allow some fantasies to surprise your readers.

  • Which book structure?

Short but detailed.

Don't build too many pages but make sure to create a complete and detailed book!

Here is a structure example:

- The first page called the ''cover'',

- Few pages about your art, talents, offers and competencies,

- One page about your professional background, diplomas, hobbies, etc...

- One page about your personal information and skills,

- The last pages contains your contact details and social media links.

The placement of your slides can vary according to your preferences, besides your cover and contact details pages.

  • Your Cover

Make a good impression!

This first page must say and shows everything about you! You definitely want to create a catchy eye visual to impress your reader.

Choose right your content; we must see your artist name, visuals of your art and any other information to introduce a bit of your storytelling. When building such a communication material, think of your art as a product, a brand to make it attractive and unique. Create the ambience and the style that will reflect best your art or services; the font, the colours and especially the visuals must be chosen carefully.

  • Art and Talents

Be unique and creative!

As an artist, you want to show how creative and inspired you are!

Create your own ambience, show up your style and don't be shy to make it special! You want to make a difference while having fun creating it!

Authentic and real storytelling!

It's about your experience, your thoughts, your emotions and how this activity makes you feel. Emphasize the main aspects of your art and reveal a bit of yourself through impacting minimalist content.

Respect the harmony!

The ratio between your visuals and your content is important, make sure to deliver the right impact. Your art will mainly reflect through your images and your personality will speak through your words. Both together will create your ambience.

Keep the same narrative arc!

Enjoy switching colours and visuals to mark the differences but run through the same layout for easier reading and understanding. Especially if you want to create dynamic effects through clean design. Enjoy playing with your style, think out of the box!

  • Your Professional background

Keep it entertaining!

You don't have to create a formal CV! Keep your design style to create your own background content and layout.

You can use shapes and designs elements to differentiate different topics. Keep inserting visuals to maintain the ambience up!

  • Your Profile

More information about yourself!

A profile page is about you. Write your personal information, skills and others elements you want to communicate about. You can create a totally different page but make sure to keep the same ambience and impacting effect.

  • Your Contact

Make it with clickable links!

Insert clickable social icons for your social media accounts! Canva is online software that allows clickable links to redirect on the selected page.

Keep this page minimalist; your icons, a turn of phrase to keep it friendly and you're done!

Make it a video!

Make your communication dynamic and multi-format adaptative!

You can upload it on video platforms like Instagram or Youtube and open up more ways to show up your art to the world!

Sky is the limit! ;)

Now that you have a guideline to create your book, it's your turn to create it!


I hope this article was helpful! As you can know, there are so many different ways to create an artist book that you can also search on the web for additional tips and information to complete the needs of your project!

Feel free to comment on this article and add more tips for the community!

If you think this article can help others artists, just share it and let's spread tips to help each others moving forward!

Wishing you lots of success!

With love,



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