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Connect, share, like, comment, make friends!

The PoleFit Community is a social hangout that connects students, site members and also visitors who are inspired and motivated by sport practice, dance, health and more!

Community members can enjoy sharing, discussing, tell their stories and experiences.
This version is brand new and will upgrade according to the growing community needs.

How do this work?

To become a member and connect with the community, open your account or simply login.

Fill in your profile, make it '' visible''  to be followed by members.

Rendez-vous to the Members page and search for your friend, seek for your pole sister or discover new people!

From there, you can follow, send messages and share your stories, photos and videos. 

You may want to download the app for a faster check out on your account activity!

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Take part in discussions, share your experience, questions and thoughts!

Join groups to share your common experiences, such as Pole dancing classes or outdoor training!

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